thilia (thilia) wrote in heroes20in20,

Round #15 - Winners & Banners - & Mod Change

So! A few weeks ago, I was looking for new mods for the community, and now I'm pleased to announce that I've found them.

This was my last round as a mod here; as of now, the community will be run by penofdl who will be helped by shatnimpinto (co-mod/banner maker) and punk4life1315 (banner maker) :)

So if you have any questions/feedback or need help with anything, make sure to get in touch with them!

Good luck and I hope you'll continue to enjoy participating in heroes20in20.

And to wrap up this round and my time as a mod here... the winners and banners for Round #15 :)


Bye! *waves*
Tags: banners: round 15, mod: announcement, mod: banners, mod: winners, round 15, winners: round 15

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