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Round #16 - Rules & Info


01. To participate in this round, you must be a member of the community and be listed here. Everyone should have posting access. If you find you don't, simply reply here, and you will be given it asap.
02. Do not submit your icons to this entry. Post all 20 icons at once. You can post your icons to your personal journal, icon community or directly to this comm. Please make sure that all the icons are behind an lj-cut or linked to your journal/community with the exception of 3 teaser icons. No banners please.
03. Icon posts must be public until voting is closed. We need to be able to see your entries to make the voting posts, and people shouldn't have to join your community or friend your journal in order to see your icons.
04. All icons must be new and made for this challenge; you may not submit prior work or someone else's icons. If we find that you've broken this rule, you will not be allowed to participate in the next round.
05. Icons must fit the LJ standards: under 40 kb, 100x100px and in either png, gif or jpg format. Maximum rating for all icons is PG-13, meaning no nudity.
06. All entries are moderated.
07. Please use the provided table to post your icons. Colours and fonts may be edited.
08. Your 20 icons are due on March 20th.
09. Tag your icons with the available tags:
- round 16, entries: round 16, user: (your username), character: (your character)

If your username tag is not available yet, I'll add it to your entry later.


01. Justice
02. Power
03. Temptation
04. Sorrow
05. Sacrifice
06. Four Square : your icon is divided into four squares usually either copies of the same image or variations on a theme.
07. Blend : your icon must include two or more images blended together.
08. Divided : your icon must be divided into two or more sections.
09. Multiple : your icon must include multiple images.
10. Texture : your icon must include a texture.


11-15. Minimix : each icon includes lyrics (two or more words) from a different song


16-20. Artist's Choice : whatever you want.

If you have any questions about the themes or want examples, let me know, and I'll try to provide answers.

Please use the following table to post your icons. Colours and fonts may be edited :)

» canceled20in20 · a 20in20 for canceled television shows. go show your love for shows that ended before their time. round #1 now under way.
» satc20in20 · a 20in20 for sex and the city. relive the best experiences of four friends indulging themselves in the big city. sign-ups for round #1 now open.
» heroes_sylar · a comm devoted to everything pretaining to our favorite serial killer
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